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Meet Harlow. She's seven years old, she's from New York City, and there's one thing she loves more than anything: to cook.

Harlow knew it's really important for kids like her to understand how to cook nutritious, wholesome meals, so that long before they leave home for college, they'll be able to take care of themselves. The thing is, lots of schools don't teach kids how to do it.

So she set out to learn the basics:

how to peel veggies and where to cook rice, when to drain pasta and what makes salad taste nice. That was a while ago. Now, she's mastered recipes that grown-ups sometimes struggle with, and she wants to share her skills with other kids too.

And so was born Harlow's Harvest: a way for school-age children to pick up practical skills for a healthy kitchen - even if they don't share Harlow's love for broccoli!

Of course, Harlow couldn't do it all by herself.

She's backed up by supermom Ashley. As the founder and CEO of Farmbox Direct, a multimillion dollar company on a mission to provide fresh, organic produce for everyone who needs it, Ashley knows a thing or two about healthy food.

Ashley's own business started small; she'd been through a rough patch and juggling work and home life, as a single parent, wasn't easy.

Perseverance paid off, though, and since creating Farmbox Direct in 2014, Ashley has grown the company to cover the whole of the U.S., traveled the country delivering talks on food policy, and even been invited to President Obama's White House to celebrate entrepreneurs achieving big things.

In short: Harlow and Ashley are the dream team making the world a healthier place - one cooking box at a time.


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