Educational Kits for Kids

Harlow’s Harvest educational kits for kids teach children how to cook while building math and literacy skills. Activities encourage children to use math for measuring the right quantities of ingredients and for budgeting. Plus, the activity cards feature simple language, which is great for kids who are still learning to read.
Our educational kits have a strong emphasis on history, geography, and STEM. Plus, your child will learn about different cultures and the foods eaten around the world, how cooking has changed over time, nutrition, and more.

Monthly Kitchen Science Project

When you subscribe to Harlow’s Harvest, you receive a new science project every month. You’ll find almost everything you need for the project at home. Other things you can pick up at the grocery store when you go shopping for the ingredients for recipes. The easy-to-use instructions that come with all of our educational kits explain exactly what you need, allowing you to prepare in advance.
Get ready to be amazed with the science projects in our educational kits. They’re sure to bring your parents or older siblings into the kitchen. And everyone can take part! Our educational kits help you find a new way to bond as a family.

Harlow and Ashley Learning About Healthy Eating

Learn About Healthy Eating

Educational kits for toddlers and young children rarely cover healthy eating, even though it’s crucial to develop good habits as young as possible. When young kids take part in kitchen activities, they’re much more likely to be willing to try everything at mealtimes. This helps to stop children from becoming picky eaters — they’re even willing to embrace vegetables!

Older kids find it useful to understand the reasons why healthy eating is just so important. In addition to these key principles, a Harlow’s Harvest subscription box will also teach your child how to cook foods they dislike in ways they’ll love. In fact, they may discover that healthy eating can be much more enjoyable than junk food!

Reusable Activities

All the activities and recipes in our educational kits for kids come on laminated cards, so you can store them to use again in the future. They’re great if kids are looking for a fun activity to do with friends or if you need inspiration for a healthy dinner!

Our monthly educational kits for young children and teens are designed to be fun for all age groups. Your child will gain skills and knowledge that may not be covered in school, but that will be hugely valuable throughout their life.

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