Monthly Baking Kits for Kids

Cooking is one of the most valuable skills you can have. Harlow’s Harvest cooking and baking kits for kids help children build confidence in the kitchen. Sign up for a subscription and we’ll ship you a different box every month. They’re suitable for children of all ages!

What’s Included in Our Cooking & Baking Kits

Our cooking and baking kits are packed with everything your child needs to take their skills to the next level, no matter if they’re a total beginner or already love cooking. Each month, they will receive three recipe cards that they can use time and again — they’re even laminated so they can be wiped down easily. Plus, each box will contain a kitchen tool designed for young chefs, games and/or stickers, a monthly collectors pin, a kitchen safety card, and a grocery store list with budgeting tools to help teach money management.

All the recipes in our cooking and baking kits are easy to follow. They tell you exactly what you need — both in terms of ingredients and tools — so you can be sure you have everything before you get started. Best of all, our recipes offer the chance to experiment with your child’s favorite foods as well as with new ingredients. Even picky eaters in your family won’t be able to resist the creations! If any family members have allergies or dietary restrictions, check our website for alternatives.

Learn Cooking Skills

Cooking Skills

We’ll teach all the basic cooking skills your child needs and older kids will love showing off their cooking knowledge and skills to family and friends. And, if they’re particularly proud of any of their creations, post them to our Facebook group! 

Budgeting Skills

An important part of cooking is purchasing what you need without breaking the bank. All our recipes use affordable ingredients. Plus, to help save money, we include a budgeting skills activity for the grocery store in all our kids’ baking and cooking kits. Food shopping will no longer be a chore, but a fun task (parents might even learn a few tricks, too)!

Never the Same Box Twice

Our cooking and baking kits are completely different each month. They always have new recipes, activities, and other goodies, even if you stay subscribed for several years. If you want one of the kits we sent out in the past, we do have some extra boxes for sale — but hurry, there are only a limited number left!

Spark the love of cooking and baking in your child! Sign up to receive our kids’ baking and cooking kits today!